October 28, 2013

Broken glass

I dreamt
That I was on a plane
That went down
I dreamt
That my cat had my bird in her mouth
I dreamt
That my sister announced her engagement
I dreamt
Of eating shards of broken glass like potato chips

I woke up
To thunder and rain
Purring, slow, patient
Between the sunrise, when I went to bed
And when I opened my eyes
The heat haze had gone
And fall was sitting on my couch

I fed the bird, the cat, and the hangover
My body had deflated
Into the line that runs down the middle of my being
I exist in two
My dragon tail drags behind me
And I am broken, transitioning

When I open up this suitcase
It smells like old souls meeting
And the spread of a pair of white wings
To go Noplace real slow, purring, and patient
Come find me
And find me again
This God’s child is in love with you
Come tell me
And tell me again
No music should be lost
In this short short life.

October 11, 2013


There was a little girl
Who had a little line
Right on the side of her mouth
She had the figure of a pin-up
And the temper of a koala
Hated capers and parsley
Adored coffee and sushi
And bent over like an old lady when she brushed her teeth
She cried over whales and horses
And in bed sometimes, too
She read big books
And took people in small doses
Hissing if you got too close too soon, or not close enough not soon enough
Her heart was Silk Moth fuzzy
And Tasmanian Devil passionate
Razor blades fell from her mouth at times
And she felt like Edward Scissorwords
Because loving her was apparently as safe as putting your face in a cheetah’s mouth
There was a little girl
Who decided she didn’t want to be princess anymore
But queen
Just Queen
She laughed loudly
Kissed like a boss
Saw letters in colors
Could be hypnotized by stroking her hair
Or kissing between the neck, cheek and ear
But couldn’t be touched on the insides of her elbows
Or knees, or above the clavicles
A red dot would appear on her cheek in brass monkey weather
Her hands were always cold
But her arms would carry you to the end of the universe if need be
Because she didn’t show up for school when they taught half-assery
And longing never leaves her eye
And love and worship are all she knows
There was a little girl woman
Who had a little line
Right on the side of her mouth
When she was good, she was very very good
And when she was bad
Da capo al fine.