January 10, 2013

My first two years

"The catalogue of true thoughts is but small; they are ubiquitous; no man's property; and unspoken, or bruited, are the same. When we hear them, why seem they so natural, receiving our spontaneous approval? why do we think we have heard them before? Because they but reiterate ourselves; they were in us, before we were born. The truest poets are but mouth-pieces; and some men are duplicates of each other... ."
(Herman Melville, Mardi) 

Life and work and love keep getting in the way of writing, but you won't see me complain. It is already past midnight in my world so I am technically breaking anniversary rules, but my heart has been facing westward for some time now so no worries.

It was a small step for mankind, but today is two years since I started blogging. Tadaa.

On that lovely note, friends, I invite you to have a glass of wine with me, or a beer, or a slice of your favorite cheesecake, or a scoop of your favorite ice-cream. Or go get your hairs did, or buy yourself something nice. Or just smile.

Whatever you do, keep writing.

Love you all.


  1. I've been much more selfish with my writing of late. I have a contentious relationship with the "blogging world" to begin with. Never really understood the bizarre vacuum of self-importance that seems to surround it. I am choosing a much more traditional path with my writing, traditional markets, hair-pulling rejections, remarkable highs of acceptance, agent-searching, soul-searching, research, perfection, second guessing, the realization of how truly alone writers must be simply because the tunnel you dig to the Earth's core can only accommodate one itching, squirming, crawling body. My blogs tend to be getting the dirt I cast aside while digging my hole. It's getting hot in here.

    1. I'm sure there's a "congratulations!" in there somewhere, so thank you :)

      Seriously though, self-importance is often self-insecurity, and the blogging microcosm is no different from the rest of the world in vacillating between an inferiority and superiority complex. The thing that I would like to see is some more actually good writing to accompany the drama.

      I noticed that you've been streamlining of sorts. I hope things are going well.

    2. Yeah, I guess I did sound kind of pretentious and ridiculous. Basically, it boils down to the fact that most of these stupid lit mags that give publishing credits toward the SciFi and Fantasy Writers of America Assoc all say that submitting shit that has been published anywhere else, including a personal blog, is a big no-no. So. If I'm not writing to submit, I have very little else to write about at the moment. Plus I'm painting. My best friend is coming to live with me for a while. I have known her for 2 years but have never met her face-to-face. She lives in a country that ends in -stan. Am I crazy? Probably.

      Your writing has stretched my brain more than anything else I have ever read since I began blogging. True brilliance and raw honesty are harder and harder to find in a world where everyone can hide behind a computer screen and fake it til they make it. It has been an honor to be part of your journey, even if it's only cheering from the audience. And thank you for putting up with my late-night-medicated bullshit blog comments ;-)

    3. Bahaha you goofball :)

      Nothing crazy about that. Remember, you're reading the blog of a woman who said "I love you" to a man she hadn't met face to face. Marshall McLuhan would be so proud of us. It sounds awesome, to have somebody old and new in your life coming in for a spell... I'm excited for you.

      I get what you're saying about the lit magazines - I've been told that's how they operate. I'm still comfortably hiding behind the bloggy amateurism act, but if I ever decide I want to publish something, my guess is I will go bonkers in a matter of hours.

      I figured the quip was OK since we've known each other long enough :) I wasn't fishing for compliments, but am blushing at what I got. Serves me bloody right. Thank you. Methinks that once I am State-side, I shall throw together a barbecue for my blog friends. Shouldn't be a crowd :P That or a long road-trip, depending on when you move to Myrtle Beach :D

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    1. Thank you, T! Peace to you and a beautiful day.

  3. Hi Chris,

    And yet, life, love and work can be part of the experience when the focused passion of your writing is transformed from your mind and shared with the world.

    And if they can land a man on the Nevada desert, what next, the moon? Hearty congrats on the second anniversary of your blog. A blog that embraces the ideals of a sharing, caring, all equal ethos. With that, I shall get the one remaining hair left on my head, permed! :)

    In peace, goodwill, hugs and smiles,

    Gary :)

    1. Unfailingly beautiful words from a consistent upholder of the sharing, caring, all equal ethos. Thank you humbly, Gary :)

      You know I will want pictures of the perm, right? We can call it the Permablogfest.

  4. Congratulations Chris! I will definitely raise a glass to you! I know I've been on the missing list of late but that doesn't mean that my appreciation and love for you has lessened. I'm thrilled with all that you're doing. I've been drawn to your light and your talent and that's what I will be raising my glass to.
    That cheesecake sounds good too;)

    My computer crashed, and right now I'm using an old crappy pc until I can get my Mac repaired. When I do I will skype you. Meanwhile, I'm still writing although that's mostly crap too.

    1. Thank you, you gorgeous woman. Yes, I know you're a bit of a hedonist and know how to party :)

      Sorry to hear about your computer. I feel lost whenever something happens to mine, or when the Internet is down. What have you been writing?

      Your last post - beautifully written. Haven't found the words to comment, and I feel like I've been using this excuse too long. But I also know you know that I am here. So all is well.

      Love&hugs back at you!


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